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PRICES REDUCED. This 3 Vol Set of Books contains 1519 pages of information, facts, History and previously unpublished research information. This set is a compilation of 129 well researched and written articles by members of the ASAC (The American Society of Arms Collecting) "Vol 1" contains articles and photographs of American handguns from the Allen to the Civil War , to the Marlins". Vol 11" from the Marston to U.S. Pistols and American miscellaneous. "Vol 111" continues with USA and covers European and British weapons. A must have set of information. Books for the serious collector or reference Library. See also the review in the April 2012 edition of the "Man at Arms Gun Collector Magazine." Cased bound set $89.00. Soft cover set $65.00 shipping included in the USA. Please specify in the Notes which you would like.

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