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Maker: Henry Deringer

This is a Special Order Cased Set of Henry Deringer pistols. This Cased Set is pictured in Doug Eberhart's Book Henry Deringer Pistols From 1826 to 1870, pictured on pages 58 and 59. They are very unusual, and they are the only pair of .50 cal Henry Deringer Pistols I have seen, with very strong 7 groove rifling. Most Deringers are .44 cal or less. There is a copy of the Man At Arms article about how famous Deringer Dealer Doug Eberhart put this cased set together. The guns were owed separately and as only Doug can do, he found the original cased set from another famous old dealer Tom Wibberly. These guns have small lock plates, usually found on Peanut Size pistols. The finish on the barrels is different, it is just Browned not Striped like many Deringers of the period. This is a fabulous set that was reunited by Doug. There are less than about 25 cased sets in existence. This one is completely correct with all the accoutrements in fine condition. These embossed leather cases have become very scarce and in high demand by advanced Deringer Collectors. Doug Eberhart's letter of authentication reads as follows. "This factory cased set of Deringers were manufactured circa 1845-50. This is determined by the size of features which are seldom seen on guns of this period of time. Each piece bears the company legend stamping on top of the barrel flat, forward of the breech, this is forward of where the normal company legend would be seen. Markings are: DERINGER PHILADA. This stamped marking first appeared on the 3rd and final lock style of the Model 1817 flintlock contract rifle. It reappeared again being used to stamp the 1842 Model Navy single shot pistols. This ties in with the period of these Deringers but nobody knows why. The Deringers have the smallest size lock plates commonly seen on the peanut size pistol, which began to come on the scene circa 1848-50. The finish is also different in that the barrels were plum browned, but not lighting striped. The engraving is also somewhat different, over the top flat of the breech where the Company legend is found normally, is a snow flake or starburst design which is also found on the face of the bolster instead of the normal floral pattern of engraving. Each gun has 2 sterling bands. Over the breech top and all other fittings are of German Silver. The lock, hammer, tang, and breech are case color as usual. They are .50 caliber, when the usual size ball for this size Deringer is no larger than .44 Caliber."

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