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Maker: Simeon North Berlin CT.

This is one of 5 known examples of a Simeon North 1811 Privateer pistol. This one has is the Pin Fastened stock, and it has a correct Belthook. There are 4 other known examples of Privateer pistols. There are 3 pin fastened 1811's, 1 with Wickham Band, and one example of a 1813 is known. These Privateer guns have no U STATES under the eagle on the lock plate. There are no markings on the top of the barrel or cartouche. There are no other markings or cartouche's on this pistol. This gun has the 1808 Belthook which North would have had, because he was building the 1811's and the 1808's at the same time. North was under contract to the US Military and this pistol proves that he was also selling guns to Privateers for probably more money than his contract price with the US Military. This is one of the rarest Martial pistols there is, and it belongs in the most advanced Martial pistol collection, there are only 5 of these Privateer pistols extant. I recently received a copy of Simeon Norths letter to Callender Irvine in March 1815, after he was accused of selling suns to the Privateers. The translation so as follows. Middletown Conn January 31st, 1815 Sir Your letter of the 26th, stating that no contract must be permitted to interfere with that of the U States has been duly received. Sir, I have laid my self under no obligation that will interfere with said contract. But in so large an establishment as this there will be some work that will not meet the approbation of the inspector. This work must be disposed of in some other way, and having a quantity of work of this description on hand, I thought proper to send it to Boston for the purpose of furnishing the privateers of that place which was then fitting out, not thinking that you would consider it a violation of my engagement with the U States. But, Sir, if I have done wrong I hope you will have the goodness to pardon me for I had no intention of giving any offense in so doing, for no man can feel himself under a greater obligation to a friend, then I do to you, and have no disposition to violate my engagement at this time because pistols are selling for three or four dollars in the pair more than they were at the time I contracted. No Contract that I would entered into at this time would be one half the satisfaction to me as to satisfy the Government in the one that I am now in, And although I am greatly in the rear as to the first deliveries, yet I feel confident that I shall be able to complete said contract with in the given time provided I should be so fortunate as not to loose your friendship, for I have made every arrangement sufficiently large to employ men enough for that purpose. I shall call on you in a very short time for the purpose of settling that old contract made with Trench Cox and for other purposes. I am, Sir With the greatest respect Your most obedient Humble servant Simeon North. The copy of the original letter from the Archives are in the last 3 pictures.

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