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Maker: Virginia Manufactory

This pistol is .62 cal, 9 7/8" bbl. The pistol is numbered 222 on underside of barrel as well as on inside of the sideplate and in the stock beneath the sideplate; there is a number 6 or 9 on the inside of the triggerguard bow. The flat lockplate with pronounced "teat" at rear is correctly "VIRHINIA" ahead of cock and RICHMOND / 1814" in upward arc to rear of cock. The barrel and lock bear a dark brown patina with even pitting overall. The touchhole is worn slightly open, completely undisturbed and this pistol is clearly in its original flinklock configuration. The walnut stock rates very good with nice edges and some shipping missing from top rear of lock. The stock shows some original finish, likely sold old added light oil and handling marks consistent with its are. This is a very rare pistol made in Richmond between 1812 and 1815, they were patterned after the 1805 Harpers Ferry pistol but made a little more stoutly. This is the 1st American martial pistol to use the swivel ramrod. This gun appears original and honest in all regards. This pistol was sold in 2007 as part of Butterfield and Butterfield Bob Howard auction for $37,000. Provenance: James Wertenberger, Robert Howard, Joseph Murphy.

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