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0844     Newsmap - Jap Infantry Weapons 274th Week of the War $75.00 Details Order
0845     Newsmap - Some Facts About the USSR 289th Week of the War $75.00 Details Order
0893     Peters Ammunition Color Catalog # 40 $275.00 Details Order
0892     REMINGTON-UMC Original Catalog for 1913-1914 $195.00 Details Order
1001     United Cartridge Collection of Firearms Brochure $425.00 Details Order
0853     WWI - SEE HIM THROUGH Poster $150.00 Details Order
0855     WWI Poster - He Is A Fighting Fool $160.00 Details Order
0856     WWI Poster - This World Cannot Exist Half Slave and Half Free $225.00 Details Order
0852     WWII Poster - Attack Attack Attack $225.00 Details Order
0854     WWII Poster - Good Bye Dad $165.00 Details Order
0848     WWII Poster- How Much Of Your Pay $85.00 Details Order
0846     WWII Poster- Protect His Future $95.00 Details Order

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